Visit to the tennis courts before the beginning of the ATP tournament “Srpska Open”


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik today visited the final works on the tennis courts in the “Mladen Stojanović” Park in Banja Luka, where the “Srpska Open” tournament will be held.

The President of the Republic of Srpska announced that Banja Luka will prove to be a true host and a city of sports.

The President of Srpska pointed out that creating the conditions for this tournament to be held in Banja Luka is a demanding task, but also a confirmation that the Republic of Srpska has the capacity to find a way to successfully complete this task even in complex circumstances, in which the whole world finds itself.

The President of the Republic expressed his satisfaction with the fact that Banja Luka will have the honor of hosting this major sporting event, for which there is a great interest.

“The city is being cleaned and redecorated in order to proudly welcome important guests, namely the best tennis players in the world, as well as numerous tennis fans. These days, we have to show that we are real locals and that this is a city of sports, and that the Republic of Srpska is open for everyone and appreciates top successes, including those in the field of tennis”, said the President Dodik.

The President of Srpska thanked Bojan Vujić, Head of the Organising Committee of the “Srpska Open” tournament, for his initiative and support for these activities.

The President of the Republic pointed out that these will be special days for Banja Luka and the Republic of Srpska and invited the citizens of Banja Luka to jointly participate in creating a good impression of this city.

The President Dodik said that he was looking forward to the arrival of the world’s top tennis players in Banja Luka, especially Novak Đoković, whom he thanked for his support in organising this tournament in Banja Luka.

“Without his will, as well as the support of his agency, this would not have happened and I am grateful to him for the decision to organise the tournament in Banja Luka, even though we knew that a lot of work needed to be completed. For us, his decision was a sign that we should accept this job and do everything to create the necessary conditions”, it was added by the President of Srpska.

The President of the Republic of Srpska also attended a test match on one of the courts, in order to symbolically check the condition of the clay.