Response to US Ambassador Michael Murphy


Response to US Ambassador Michael Murphy

Written by Milorad Dodik

I watch and listen to that overbearing Ambassador Murphy and I wonder how a serious country can be “represented” by a speculator and a man who tells lies.

I remember him from the time when he was a persistent servant of his former bosses.

Today, he tries to pretend to be someone great and thinks that he still lives in the time when he built his career on servile subservience. He has not noticed that time changed and that he too accumulated more years.

Mr. Murphy, there is no BiH government. Why are you lying when you call the BiH Council of Ministers the government? BiH does not have a government and you want to establish such a thing with your false claim. But that is none of your business. That was resolved by the BiH Constitution.

Since you are unnecessarily interfering in the internal affairs of BiH, then at least respect its Constitution.

Apparently, that does not exist for you. You have your fake agenda and you want to turn your fake approach into rules.

You love lecturing others. Only this kind of BiH can be your refuge, otherwise if it was even a serious country, it would have let you know a long time ago that you have gone too far and that it is best to continue your preoccupation back where you came from.

Who are you anyway to talk about property and to interpret it? The issue of property was resolved by the Dayton Agreement and the BiH Constitution. Only speculators like you could create that this could be the subject of the high representative, and you yourself know that it is not, because your country is the guarantor of the Dayton Agreement.

Is not it absurd that it is you who are talking about state property, and you come from a country where the property belongs to federal states, 50 of them, and the land of Washington, D.C. as well, where the seat of state institutions is located, was ceded by agreement of the federal states bordering it. And is that also a lie, as you lie that BiH has property.

In the Dayton Agreement, it is clearly written, in letter and not in some spirit that you impose, that the property is the property of the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of BiH. And that will not change regardless of what you try to do with your fake high representative and foreign judges in the Constitutional Court.

I see that you are again talking about corruption. You are trying to give us elected politicians lessons about this, and your government injects 80 million dollars here to various counters that you call non-governmental organizations to spread your values, which are not in the interest of this people.

You do not call that corruption, and it is normal for you to openly finance various subjects who then lie and invent stories about crime here. Why do not you make public the names of those to whom these funds were paid so that it can be checked whether they were taxed. Rest assured that we will check it out here.

I have met many American ambassadors who were here. They are all exes, as you will be as well.

If you decide to answer me, I will have much more to tell you.

Do not take this as a New Year’s greeting, because I shall not congratulate you anything.