Republic of Srpska President Visits Permanent Exhibition “Vrbas Banate – Outlines, Traces, Echoes”


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, visited today in Banja Luka the permanent exhibition “Vrbas Banate – Outlines, Traces, Echoes,” on the occasion of the 90th anniversary since the establishment and operation of Banski Dvor.  The President’s Cabinet allocated 10,000 KM for the setting up of the exhibition.

The President of the Republic said that Banski Dvor is a place of congregation, of cultural and other events, and a permanent cultural monument – an important testimony of the past.

President Cvijanović delivered congratulations on occasion of the jubilee of Banski Dvor, and expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the exhibition which serves as a testimony of a past time and of the importance that Banja Luka and the Banate held in that period.

“We are grateful to the ‘Dr. Todor Lazarević, Ban of the Vrbas Banate’ Foundation, which succeeded in preserving everything that was important and that we were able to see today with a great contribution of the family members.

“We provided certain funding to arrange for these premises,” said the President of the Republic and expressed her hope that pupils and students will come to see the exhibits, and that this exhibition will become a permanent place of visit, when it comes to the Tourist Organisation.

President Cvijanović added that she is fascinated by the exhibition, as well as by the way that the furniture and all valuable items were preserved and kept, as they are a testimony of a past way of life and of great figures from history.