Republic of Srpska President Receives Young Tennis Player Tea Kovačević


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, met today in the Palace of the Republic with young tennis player Tea Kovačević.

The President of the Republic stated that institutions will follow the needs of the young tennis player from Gradiška, Tea Kovačević, in her future competitions, and emphasised that she is the pride of Srpska.

After the conversation with Tea and her father, President Cvijanović pointed out that the institutions must stand behind our talented children

“We are proud to have a girl like this in the Republic of Srpska, who is very dedicated to her many daily obligations, and at the same time, manages to train every day, to invest significant efforts and achieve great results.  She is the pride, not only of Gradiška, but also of the entire Republic of Srpska,” said the President.

The President of Srpska expressed her satisfaction for having had the opportunity of being the host to Tea and her father, and of thanking Tea for all the good results that she has achieved, and emphasised that the name of this girl is known far and wide.

“I am very happy that someone who achieves great, top results in tennis manages to take care of all her obligations at school without any problems,” noted the president of Srpska.

The young tennis player, who is achieving notable results in the world, thanked the President of the Republic for the help and support that the institutions are providing to her in making her dream come true.

Tea Kovačević added that she trains a lot, and that it is very difficult sometimes to harmonise all her sports and school obligations, as well as that she has little free time, which is why the support of the institutions of Srpska means a lot to her.