Republic of Srpska President Congratulates March 8 – International Women’s Day


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, sent a congratulatory message to all women on occasion of March 8 – the International Women’s Day.

“On occasion of March 8 – the International Women’s Day, I send you my warmest congratulations, and I wish you and your families a lot of health, happiness and success.

“Every day, and especially on this international holiday, it is important to point out the need to improve the overall position of women, strengthen their economic, political and social independence, with the aim of building a better and more humane society, a society of equality and equal rights for all.

“Women in the Republic of Srpska, as the pillars of their families, society, institutions, represent a great strength and potential for development in all segments, perform numerous responsible professional functions, and thanks to their initiatives, many positive processes have been initiated.

“I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and tribute to all our brave women who bear a double burden and responsibility in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. On the one hand, they perform jobs in additionally difficult conditions and under risk for their health, and on the other hand, they carry numerous obligations to preserve the family and take care of the household.

“The permanent and lasting task of institutions and society as a whole remains to improve the economic and social position of women as the true promoters of overall social and family values, facilitate their empowerment, better representation and visibility,” reads the congratulatory message of President Cvijanović.