President of the Republic of Srpska visits “Sportek” Footwear Factory


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović visited the “Sportek” Footwear Factory in Kotor Varoš today.

The President of the Republic of Srpska stated that the footwear factory “Sportek” from Kotor Varoš is an example of successful production, not only from the aspect of products that are created here, but also from the aspect of responsibility towards the local community, workers and the entire Srpska.

“I proudly visited the production line, where the way of good organisation is visible and clearly a lot of effort has been invested here. This is important not only for the local community, but also for the entire Republic of Srpska”, said the President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic pointed out that it is impressive that in Srpska we have this kind of production with which we can supply the world market and that some of the most famous sports persons are wearing sports shoes that were produced in Kotor Varoš.

“It is a pleasure when we see that a large number of workers are employed here, that our laws and all the responsibilities that the employer has to fulfill towards the workers and the state are accomplished”, said the President Cvijanović.

According to the President of the Republic of Srpska, the contribution to the total employment is huge when you have about 2,000 people who participate in this type of production.

“It is clear that such allocations are vast, as for the budget and as those provided for the workers. I am delighted with what I saw here and this is something that we can only encounter at the world level, when you look both at the number of production halls and the manner of the overall organisation and business”, it was stated by the President Cvijanović.