President of the Republic of Srpska spoke in Washington with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Defense, in charge of Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia and the Western Balkans


Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic spoke in Washington today with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia and the Western Balkans, Laura Cooper.

The meeting discussed the current political and security situation in the Republika Srpska and BiH, as well as on important regional issues.

The interlocutors noted that it is necessary to develop good relations between the institutions of the Republic of Srpska and the United States, and to conduct joint activities in order to strengthen the capacities to fight terrorism, to prevent illegal migration and the departure of BiH citizens to foreign militias, and to achieve a higher level of security in Srpska and BiH.

On this occasion, the President of the Republic of Srpska pointed out that he appreciates the cooperation with the United States in the field of security so far, and expressed the belief that it will continue in the future.

During the conversation, President Cvijanovic reiterated that Republika Srpska is fully committed to preserving peace and stability and stressed that facing common security challenges requires intensive cooperation between relevant agencies at all levels of government in BiH, as well as their coordination with regional and international partners.