President of the Republic of Srpska presents a trophy to the winner of the Republic of Srpska Cup – Basketball Club “Igokea”


Tonight in Laktaši, The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović presented a great trophy to the winner of the Republic of Srpska Cup, the Basketball Club “Igokea”, which won against the team from Bratunac during the final game.

The President of the Republic of Srpska congratulated the finalists and pointed out that Srpska is able to enjoy sports even during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Unfortunately, there is no audience, but we hope that the time will come. However, it did not discourage the players, they showed a great game. They are good teams, they know about courage and strategy, tactics and everything that an athlete needs to know. I am proud that we in Srpska, even in these difficult times, are able to maintain sports and to believe in sports achievements. Of course, they are also the best ambassadors of Srpska”, said the President of the Republic.

The President of Srpska emphasized that it was important to have domestic sports stars, regardless of the type of sport. This is a good message for children and youth who want to try themselves in the world of sports, to have people who train dedicatedly following their role models.

“In sports, one should first learn to respect himself and his teammates, then the opponent and the referee, and especially the audience. All of that gives a great result, and I love the fact that Srpska loves sports”, said the President Cvijanović.