President of the Republic of Srpska opens Cultural Centre in Ćendići, in Pelagićevo municipality


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović opened the Cultural Centre in Ćendići, in the municipality of Pelagićevo. On this occasion, the President of the Republic of Srpska has said that the Government of Srpska had invested 20 million BAM in the development of this local community during several years and sets up a kindergarten as a next priority.

“In line with previous promises, this is one of those projects that was implemented by investing 20 million BAM previously in various infrastructure projects, in the rehabilitation of schools. Last year only, we invested more than one million BAM in Pelagićevo and supported important projects such as the arrangement of the square, business zones and landfills”, said the President of the Republic.

The President Cvijanović stated that this year 660,000 BAM have already been invested in the municipality of Pelagićevo for projects such as the construction of family medicine facilities and other needs that are transferred to the republican authorities from the municipality and local communities as those important for the residents.

“It is my pleasure to be in a position to mark something like this every time, something that is our joint venture and success. There will be many more of it”, announced the President of Srpska pointing out that the Cultural Centre, which was put into operation, is an important facility designed to meet the needs of the population of this area and a place for organising various events.

The President Cvijanović announced that one of the priorities she will deal with together with the Government of the Republic of Srpska and with the participation of the local community will be the construction of a kindergarten in Pelagićevo.

“It will be one of the priority tasks for families in Pelagćevo to have a kindergarten because many parents now have to leave their children in the surrounding places”, said the President of the Republic and expressed her belief that this would be another common success and occasion for a reunion in Pelagićevo.

“This project also fits in with our demographic renewal story, to make life easier for families and to have more families, more children and more satisfied people in the Republic of Srpska”, said the President Cvijanović.