Meeting with the Solidarity Fund Director 


Today, the President of the Republic of Srpska met with Jasminka Vučković Director of the Solidarity Fund for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases, Conditions and Injuries of Children Abroad, in the Palace of the Republic.

All the activities that the Fund has implemented in the past period, as well as future plans, were discussed at the meeting. 

On this occasion, the President Dodik pointed out that, due to the Solidarity Fund, treatment was made possible for 500 children abroad, and this is one of the greatest successes of the Republic of Srpska, because one of the most important issues – financing the treatment and diagnostics of children abroad – has been systematically solved.

During the discussion, the Director of the Solidarity Fund informed the President Dodik that so far 20 million convertible marks have been spent on treating children, and it is especially important that the Fund covers the travel and accommodation costs of a companion with the child, because we know how high all those costs are for parents.

The President Dodik emphasized that this is the success of all of us and an indication that when we are united we can do good and noble things.

On this occasion, the interlocutors stated that all members of our society showed their humanity and need to help, by allocating funds month after month from their personal income for the treatment of children abroad.