Meeting with the delegation of SHP “Celex”


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik received today in Banja Luka a delegation of the commercial company SHP “Celex”, led by the owner Milan Filo.

The delegation of SHP “Celex” informed the President of the Republic about the damage caused by the fire at the building of the “Celex” factory in Banja Luka, stressing that the most important thing is that there were no human casualties and that the fire did not affect the production cycle.

The President of the Republic expressed his regret for the unfortunate event and his willingness to provide any kind of assistance in order to repair the damage in the shortest possible time, and the production process to proceed smoothly.

The President Dodik once again thanked the owner Filo for recognizing the Republic of Srpska and Banja Luka as an important destination for his business activities and added that the institutions of Srpska will stimulate the commercial company SHP “Celex” to continue the process of investment, modernisation and construction of new plants.

SHP “Celex” is an example of successful privatisation when the factory was taken over by the Slovakian SHP Group, the largest group in the production of hygienic paper in Southeast Europe. So far, tens of millions of BAM have been invested in SHP “Celex” in Banja Luka and this company currently employs 300 workers and is one of the largest exporters in the region of Banja Luka.