Congratulations on the occasion of the school Patron Saint – St. Sava


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik extended congratulations on the occasion of the school Patron Saint – Saint Sava, to all pupils, students, educators and employees in the field of education.

“Dear pupils, students, educators and employees in education, I extend my congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart on the occasion of this great holiday, dedicated to the first Serbian archbishop, educator and founder of the Serbian church, state and education – Saint Sava.

The work, spirituality and educational work of Saint Sava lives and will live forever in the Serb people and it is a permanent reminder that we must preserve and improve all those values that Saint Sava left us as a legacy.

Today, I am proud and happy of the way in which Saint Sava has been celebrated in schools throughout the Republic of Srpska for years, and that our children, through school and learning about the figure and work of Saint Sava, strengthen their awareness not only of the importance of education, but also learn about all the other values that Saint Sava left us a legacy – to be humane, to help others and to find comfort and salvation in life in prayer and our church.

Dear students, from the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you the Patron Saint, with the wish that you use this important day to learn something new, to be diligent and everything Saint Sava showed us through his work, may it be your permanent inspiration to do good and be good people.

I particularly want to congratulate and express my support to all our hard-working educators, for their tremendous efforts, work and dedication in carrying out their very important mission of imparting knowledge and for their important role in building a better society for all of us.

Gathered around the idea of St. Sava and following the path shown to us by Saint Sava, our permanent task and obligation remains to work even harder and invest in education and strengthening our school system, because our entire future depends on it”, reads the congratulation message by the President Dodik.