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Republic of Srpska President Lays Cornerstone of New Municipality Building and Opens Cultural Centre in Vukosavlje 

The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović, the Consul General of Serbia Vladimir Nikolić and the Mayor of the Municipality of Vukosavlje Borislav Rakić laid today in Vukosavlje the cornerstone for the new municipality building and opened the Cultural Centre by ceremoniously cutting the ribbon.

For the new municipality building, 200,000 KМ were allocated from the Republic of Srpska Budget, 100,000 were allocated from the Fund for the Protection of the Environment and the Republic of Serbia donated 50,000 EUR.

A total of 300,000 KM were allocated for the Cultural Centre, of which 90 per cent was provided for by the Government of Srpska

President Cvijanović, after opening the Cultural Centre, said that since the year 2006, the Government invested around 10 Million KM in this municipality on different grounds.

“Wherever there is good co-operation between the local and the Republic of Srpska authorities, we can boast with good results.  It is very important for us to develop Vukosavlje, because this was an area without any significant infrastructure,” stated the President of the Republic.

The President of Srpska recalled that last year the Government invested 400,000 KM in the development of rural road infrastructure in this municipality.

„A lot of work still remains to be done in the coming period, but when there is a good connection between the Republic’s and the local authorities, success is guaranteed,” noted President Cvijanović.

Srpska’s President wished the inhabitants of Vukosavlje to use the new facilities for a long time.

“So far, the Cultural Centre, which should be the heart of certain gatherings in this local community and the new administrative centre, were in very poor conditions.  The new administrative centre will be a better organised service and residents will be more satisfied to receive services in one place,” said President Cvijanovic, adding that consideration would be given to how school facilities and the police station could be refurbished.

“Also in the future, we will try to meet the needs of Vukosavlje citizens, we are pleased that this municipality is progressing and that we are working together as institutions of local and republic authorities,” stressed the President of Republika Srpska.