The Public Relations Bureau is an internal organisational unit of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic.

The Public Relations Bureau carries out duties ensuring the publicity of work of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Republic, which, inter alia, concern:

-Informing the public about views, positions, decisions and activities prepared and implemented by the President of the Republic;

-Monitoring, analysing and reporting to the President of the Republic on his/her media presence and the evaluation of his/her work as presented by the media;

-Preparing and hosting media conferences by the President of the Republic;

-Accreditation of journalists;

-Ensuring the necessary documentation and conditions for access to events on which other Republic of Srpska bodies and institutions of the Republic of Srpska and BiH are reporting and carrying out other general, administrative and technical duties as required.

head of the Public Relations Bureau

Ms Nataša Sjerić, MA

Phone:   +387 51 248 100

Fax: +387 51 248 161


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