The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović held today in her office a consultative meeting with the newly-appointed BiH ambassadors from the Republic of Srpska as part of final preparations for leaving and taking offices.

The meeting was attended by BiH Ambassador to Hungary Biljana Gutić Bjelica, BiH Ambassador to Greece Milica Ristić Krstić, BiH Ambassador to Romania Slaviša Ćeranić, BiH Ambassador to Switzerland Boro Bronza, and newly-appointed Ambassador of BiH to the OSCE mission Siniša Bencun.

The newly-appointed ambassadors of BiH from Srpska briefed the President of the Republic with the activities and plans for the forthcoming diplomatic engagement and emphasized that they would give full contribution in improving all aspects of the cooperation of the Republic of Srpska and BiH with the countries in which they were deployed.

The President Cvijanović wished diplomats from the Republic of Srpska a lot of success in the mandate period and expressed the conviction that they would represent and promote interests of Srpska in the best possible way.

During the meeting, the President of the Republic highlighted the importance of economic diplomacy and expressed the expectation that the diplomats in the receiving countries will promote significant economic and natural resources available in the Republic of Srpska.

It is jointly assessed that there are many opportunities and potentials for cooperation and that in their development and improvement of the roles of BiH diplomats from the Republic of Srpska is of great importance.

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