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Republic of Srpska President Receives Highest Award –Plaque of the City – at Academy on Occasion of Day of Doboj 

The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović today received the highest award – Plaque of the City, at the official academy held on occasion of the Day of the City of Doboj, for outstanding support and assistance to this local community.

The President of the Republic said that many projects have been implemented in this city and that all started projects will be completed.

The Republic of Srpska President expressed her gratitude for the acknowledgment she received, which, she pointed out, comes as result of her efforts as Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska.

“I am aware, firstly, of the strategic significance of Doboj, but also of how important it is to develop all our municipalities and cities.  Doboj has in fact received considerable funding for the implementation of strategic projects,” stated President Cvijanovic.

The President of Srpska emphasised that in the next few years Doboj will be a place where there will be many investments, both in roads and in other transport infrastructure, in an area where many projects have already been implemented.

“Doboj will have a motorway connection to Belgrade and will occupy an important place between Banja Luka and Belgrade in all our activities,” noted President Cvijanovic, and mentioned, inter alia, projects for the construction, reconstruction and improvement of schools, water supply and sewerage networks.

The President of the Republic expressed her satisfaction with the overall progress and promised further support of the republic’s institutions to local authorities in future.

The President of Srpska announced that common efforts will continue, and added she is pleased that the citizens, as an important factor, recognized the Government’s efforts to stabilize the situation and create a better and more beautiful Srpska.